Southall School of Languages and Missionary Orientation is a very special place and unique in many ways.

As you look through the website we believe you will appreciate the outstanding qualities and unique experience that only a place like Southall can offer.

Southall School of Languages and Missionary Orientation in West London is an evangelical Christian language and Missions school that was set up in 1989 as part of the ministry of Southall Baptist Church.

Services We Provide

Southall, just 15 minutes from Central London and 15 minutes from Heathrow Airport, is a thriving, multi-cultural centre with people from all over the world living, working and studying.

Southall offers the best of both worlds: a convenient and well-connected location, a wealth of culture and opportunity to experience people from all over the world.

The school welcomes students from any background or culture, offering the student the opportunity to experience and learn about, and with, those from a range of cultures. We accept is it important to respect the individual, their beliefs and culture, whilst retaining a Christian ethos.

The care that we offer every individual student is recognized by British Council and we pride ourselves that this is a vital aspect of a student’s experience to enrich their time here in London. Personal tutors are allocated to all students and pastoral care and counselling is available to any student that may require further help. According to the latest British Council Accreditation report, “Provision meets and in relation to the care of students exceeds the section standard.”

With care of the student  underpinning all that the staff do, the focus on community and the emphasis on the whole development of a student as well as their academic success, we are able to serve individual students and families preparing them for the future within a context of a caring community.

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